Web Designing & Development Training

Module: 1 Basics

Basic of HTML, Using Tables, Giving links, Inserting Images, CSS Basics.

Module: 2 Lay out

Design Photoshop, Lay out Basics, Designing Layouts, Image Slice & Optimization,

And Exporting Layout as HTML..

Module: 3 Introduction to Web

Managing website Basics of Dream weaver, Importing HTML from Photoshop Inserting Flash Objects. Web related 3d animation.


Designing layouts for Flash Websites, Basics of Flash Web related Action Script in Flash.

Semester II:

Development: HTML, XML, Basics of Java script, JSP, PHP MSQL, Joomla, Drupal Word press, CSS and Table Less Site Designing.

Writing for Web: Search Engine and Online Research, Basics of Online Writing and reporting, Web Content Architecture, Content development for web site and portals (CMS) Uploading and Maintenance (FTP), New Ideas and concepts on internet.

Note and Assessment:

The continuous assessment will be on the following components:

  • Objective test in the form of quizzes or in written format.

  • Presentation and Written assignment with at least three of each module

  • Practical assignments

  • End semester exam specific to this course

Project: Web Site development

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